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Discover the common, subtle and destructive ways most entrepreneurs, small business owners and even the top organization's executives harm their business performance and success...

Your concept about your work not only keeping companies in business, but also improving their bottom line is right on. I like to think of it in terms of efficiency. If you avoid screw ups, limit self sabotaging behaviors that muck things up, your organization will naturally run more efficiently with fewer distractions that eat up time, success and, ultimately, profit.
Ron Moleski, Pharm.D.
RJM Group

After gaining more than 60+ years of combined experience in helping declining and stagnant businesses catapult their profits and success in record time, business performance improvement specialists Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest now release their easy-to-understand special report: Self-Sabotage in Business – Unveiling the Common, Subtle and Destructive Ways We Harm Our Performance and Business Success. This new, free special report not only pinpoints self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, but it also reveals tips, tools and strategies that automatically change motivation and action levels, catapulting you forward into business success.

Inside this report you'll discover:

Your work provided a powerful structure by which we could safely and effectively explore our retrospective strengths and weaknesses. Tony and Sara's coaching and interpretive work was powerful, insightful and has created a new awareness for us.
Bowen and Jefferson
Founding Partners, Inside Lead Counseling/Consulting
  • Why some leaders truly succeed in business and some don't – even though they seem to possess the same knowledge, skills and experience.
  • The common and destructive ways business owners, executives and organizational leaders diminish their performance and limit their success in business.
  • 21 self-sabotaging traits that literally derail an initiative, a career, and even organizations.
  • Valuable insights into the thought and behavior patterns that influence your communication, productivity and morale.
  • Stories of real people and business situations that have experienced the damaging effects of self-sabotage.
  • How fear can kill your business faster than any other self-sabotaging behavior.
  • How over-selling can ruin your chances of a sale.
  • What do you do when your affirmations don't ring true to you and your thoughts, emotions and beliefs manifest in self-sabotage?
  • Dozens of Tips and Techniques that you can use immediately to address – but more importantly, prevent – self-sabotage.

Please note: Unless the intangible self-sabotaging behaviors are recognized and addressed, you will fall short of achieving your goals. Now, grab our free special report and begin cultivating the specific values, behaviors and emotions you need to achieve personal, professional and organizational excellence.

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