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Management Consulting

Growth Strategy and Implementation Support

Business leaders are charged with developing and implementing a strategic vision for the company. Usually grounded in the process of a strategic planning initiative, strategic vision sets the direction for the company and it identifies what must to done to achieve that vision. It provides focus and alignment. And the necessary critical element is to implement.

Brand Building

Building a brand identity is important for any business and it is especially important for small businesses as a differentiator from their competitors. A strong brand also leads to profitability. Yet unfortunately, many businesses (especially small businesses including family owned, soloprenuers and partnerships) do not invest the time and money to establish and refine their brand. We can help you assess your market niche and position, develop your brand expressions and image to differentiate you from your competitors.

Small Business Customer Surveys

KLC's Client Satisfaction Survey helps you, the executive or business leader, determine the current level of client satisfaction with your products and services and determine the impact of these products and services on your brand (how you are seen and perceived in the market). The survey and accompanying report helps identify if intervention is required to improve your market perception and areas to focus improvement.

Culture Building Initiatives

Culture reflects shared attitudes and behaviors that drive performance and the way work gets done in your organization. Culture will either foster or hinder your goals and outcomes. KLC works with executives and their teams to embed (and develop, first, if needed) a relevant Mission, Vision and Value Set (which drive attitudes, behavior and outcomes) into and across your company for the purposes of understanding and strengthening your organization, attracting and retaining top talent, improving performance, and driving profitability.

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys

KLC's Employee Satisfaction Survey/Internal Climate Survey helps executives and their management teams assess their employee's attitudes toward the company, company culture, other employees, and clients or customers. Executives will gain understanding of current company culture (shared beliefs, attitudes and normative behaviors in how work gets done) and the impact culture can have on employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Succession Planning

People power growth within a company. This includes not only the executives but also the mission critical position within organizations. Resignation, relocation of a spouse, or a biological event are all realities that business executives face. Not planning for who will replace or succeed key roles and positions will have a damaging impact on business growth. We work with executives and their teams to identify successor candidates to be prepared when a vacancy arises. KLC offers two levels of support:

  1. Replacement Planning
  2. Integrated Succession Management (a phased approach for building and implementing succession planning based on your organization's business strategy and integrated with your talent management and recruiting programs)

Coaching and Mentoring

Executive and Performance Coaching

Questions we often hear are: What is executive / performance coaching? What can I expect? How can it help me and my organization? If you have these questions, you are not alone.

Executive / performance coaching is a short term, performance improvement process that is recognized as an important adjunct to leadership development. It is motivational and participatory by design and is highly personalized and interactive so as to address the specific issues relevant to your situation.

KLC provides coaching for:

  • Business Skills and Leadership Development
  • Transition to New Roles and Responsibility
  • Life Balance

Talent Assessment and Development

KLC offers our clients and business partners a range of Talent Assessment and Talent Development Services. We are management consultants and executive/performance coaches who are certified in Hogan Assessment Systems, a global standard in predicating performance and helping companies to identify and grow high potential talent.

Our Talent Assessment and Development Services focus on four areas:

  1. Internal Candidates
    1. Promotion
    2. Transfer to a new geographic area
    3. Transfer to a new role (i.e. from a non-sales position to a sales position, from a clinical or technical role to a management role)
    4. Succession planning
  2. External Candidates
    1. Permanent placements
    2. Interim management
  3. Protirement (i.e. outplacement support for early retirement or workforce reduction)
  4. Job Integration Support and Skills Development for selected individuals

Whether for use with internal candidates, candidates hired from outside the organization or by organizations working with employees to develop protirement options, comprehensive and valid assessment for suitability and readiness is a competitive advantage. Itis a preventative measure for the real probability of unsuccessful candidate promotion and hiring and placement decisions, especially considering the high costs associated with them. Lastly, it is an important employee benefit for protirement planning.

Understanding business personality is important for business success. Many of the reasons professionals, especially leaders fail are personality based, such as,

  • Inability to adapt to the demands of a new position
  • Inability to think strategically
  • Inability to develop good working relationships with key stakeholders and staff
  • Inability to execute plans and drive change
  • Inability to tolerate stress, change or risk-adverse

We help reduce the guessing game and risk, and increase the likelihood of the right candidate identification and selection. We do this through a personal, private, low-stress and customized approach.

Entrepreneur Mentoring

We work with small business owners to help them identify and implement growth strategies in their business. We help them focus on a balanced approach to grow their top line revenue while also improving their bottom line performance.

Our approach is to provide structured guidance through regular meetings and just-in-time assistance. We accept unlimited emails and telephone calls during normal business hours. This way you never have to wait for a meeting with us or wait to ask a critical time sensitive question. We work with our clients for a six- month mentoring period, and can extend longer based on the clients' goals and needs.

The benefit, as described by our clients, is to have access to small business growth expertise and support when you need it, and it saves you time, money and resources. You don't have to use a trial and error approach to growing your business.

Workshops, Training, and Speaking

New Manager/Supervisory Training (Customized Management Development Program)

KLC's CMDP provides a continuum of leadership and management development services. Clients choose from three options to achieve their objectives, all of which work to support and improve them; however, reflect increased depth and breadth in services and long-term positive impact. Clients have flexibility in choosing the investment option with the return most suitable to them.

  1. Short-term, Introductory or Refresher Leadership and Management Development Workshops and Seminars (usually 1.5-2 days) Samples include: Introduction to Management; Roles and Responsibilities of Managers, Conscious and Results Oriented Communication, Creating and Leading Teams, Performance Management / Charting Accountabilities, Time and Focus Management (Managing Competing Demands), Creating a Positive and Productive Workplace.
  2. Intermediate Program (includes pre and post assessment, and a customized program plan and materials based on developmental performance goals for the management group/team)
    1. Quarterly Leadership and Management Development Sessions - 1-2 days, group size dependent (will include supervisors, managers and executives in distinct groups)
    2. Monthly Individual Coaching (KLC offers cutting edge executive coaching services through Parallel Coaching™).
  3. Advanced Program—Utilizes the Intermediate Program as its core and includes:
    1. Personality and performance profiling (Hogan assessment systems)
    2. Monthly group coaching session (in addition to the individual coaching with each manager)

Team Building and Alignment

Executive, management, and even project teams need to learn to work together effectively, based on a foundation of collaboration. Yet, unspoken agenda’s, protected resources, and inability to effectively work through conflict still emerge as common obstacles in team performance. We can help your team “re-base” through common agreements, greater understanding and results oriented practices, leading to more personal and team engagement, greater accountability, satisfaction and results. Expect a dynamic, interactive process-based event!

Sample Workshop or Seminar Topics:

  • Accelerated Practices for Leadership Effectiveness: Time, Focus & Personal Energy Management
  • Influence Without Authority – The Art of Getting More Work Done
  • Values Based Strategic Visioning
  • Team Alignment for Greater Results
  • Building a Model for Progressive Talent Management
  • The Four Components of a Gravitational Organization
  • Succession Planning for Your Organization
  • Customer Service as Your Differentiator
  • Transitioning Middle Managers
  • Influence in the Clinical Environment

Book Tony and Sara to speak at your conference, meeting or event. We'll tailor our colloquium to meet the needs of your event and your organization. Send us an email - .


The feedback from the Claflin "Succession Class" and the senior managers present was overwhelmingly positive about your session on Presentation Skills last week. We are considering expanding the audience for a future class of sales people and some others in the near future. Among the comments, all of which were positive, were several who noted the style you and Tony used to present the material in alternating digestible bites, served to hold everyone's attention and provide emphasis on key instructive principles. Thanks again for the preparation that obviously went in to this somewhat custom program. We appreciate it and look forward to using your services again.

Ted Almon, CEO/President Claflin Company RI

You provided a constructive approach to training in a holistic and practical manner. Your engaging and insightful methods of sharing a broad range of concepts and practices to a diverse audience are poignant as well as memorable. You’re an inspiration to those she works with. Your leadership, compassion, and focus will truly serve as a brilliant guide for interpersonal, professional, and life development.

Richard Perry

Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc.


The presentation you provided "Sabotaging Success" was right on the money... I face the behaviors discussed in the presentation on a daily basis... It helps to know that that this type of behavior is not restricted to our program. I really enjoyed the discussions and would recommend others attend to share and learn.

James Ballard. Cherokee Nation Vocational Rehab


You have been one of our most popular presenters. Your topic related to Self Sabotaging Behaviors, is one that is rarely addressed, yet we have all experienced clients and others who have participated in this behavior that usually results in the individual being asked to leave a position, or who choose to leave before being terminated. There was standing room only for you dynamic manner in getting to the heart of the matter, speaking clearly so that a diverse audience would understand and appreciate the points made, and an ease in answering probing questions. From comments written by the conference attendees, you were one of the few that were specifically cited to present again, on this and other topics. We hope that this will be but one of the first of our conferences for which you will present. We also hope that tribes and others who heard your presentation will look into bringing her to their organizations for trainings in management, board relations, and a host of other topics.

Dallas-Lee Brower, Project Director
Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope, Barrow, Alaska
Planning Committee For the national conference,
Consortia of Administrators for Native American Rehabilitation (CANAR) In Alexandria, VA

You both are phenomenal! It is hard to come into such a specialized group and adapt your style to our needs! I know that everyone walked away with thoughts to ponder and ways on improving their relationships with their students, and that was the aim, to make us better at providing the best possible experiences for our students.

Susan Higgins, MA, OTR/L
Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Bristol Community College

Areas of Specialty

KLC's Integrative Growth Model
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Leadership & Talent Development


  • Leadership Development
    • Executive Coaching - Certified in Hogan Assessment Systems
    • Team Building
  • Management/Supervisory Training
  • Successor/High-Potential Development

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Culture Building


  • Culture Initiatives: Embedding Your Mission, Vision, and
    Value Set to Drive Attitudes, Behaviors, and Outcomes
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
    (Internal Climate Assessment)
    • Web-based All Staff Survey
    • Confidential Interviews (Random pool)

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  • Brand Building
    • Market Identity – Strategic Differentiation
    • Core Messaging
    • Look and Feel
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Business Growth Strategy


  • Strategic Visioning (Strategic Planning)
    • Implementation Guidance and Support
  • Succession Planning

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