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Tony Kubica & Sara LaForest

Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest, Founding Partners of Kubica LaForest Consulting

Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest are partners in Kubica LaForest Consulting, a leadership and management consulting and coaching firm, predominantly focusing in the health related sector. They are also the authors of Organizational Gravity: A Guide to Strategically Growing Your Brand, Culture, and Talent.

Several of their clients have achieved major industry accolades multiple years in a row, including Inc 500 status, and have been rated as among the Top 100 Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare Magazine. In 2014, Kubica LaForest Consulting was recognized as a Leadership Partner and Provider in the Top 15 2014 Leadership 500 Excellence Awards.

We have offices in Rhode Island and California, and work with companies and organizations across the country. We advise firms on succession readiness, executive transitions, and we provide customized leadership training and talent development. We help leaders build and embed a positive performance-based culture in their organization. Our passion is to enable leaders (and their emerging and aspiring leaders and newly appointed managers) to raise the bar on their own performance, as well as create an environment for success throughout the organization, which will build and grow a successful organization.

In addition to our consulting, coaching and organizational development work, we are widely published internationally and train and speak at conferences and events across the country. As featured authors, our work has been published in Leadership Excellence, Sales and Service Excellence, Personal Excellence, Healthcare Executive, FoxBusiness.com, (CEO)refresher.com, Leader-values.com, Providence Business News, Women Entrepreneur, WE Magazine for Women, EvanCarmichael.com, CNN.com, PerformanceXpress.org, CustomerService.com, MicrosoftDynamics.com, ERE.Net, ExitPlanningInstitute.org, smallbusinessonlinecommunity.bankofamerica.com, Expertaccess.sycom.com, StartupNation.com, GetEntrepreneurial.com, CustomerThink.com, Alaska Business Magazine, CEOworld.biz, and many others.

Tony Kubica

Tony Kubica is a business growth adviser, an executive coach, speaker, and author. He specializes is in business growth strategy, brand building and continuity, and working with business leaders to align strategy, brand, culture, and talent to improve performance and create sustainable growth. Click here for more...

Sara LaForest

Sara LaForest is a business growth strategist and a leadership coach. She excels in the business dynamics of human and organizational advancement. She focuses on Small Business Growth Strategy, Leadership Development and Executive Team Alignment, and Organizational Culture and Brand Building. Click here for more...