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Clients' Results

Examples of Client Successes

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  • Set strategy for and support implementation of new service capabilities
  • Improve leadership skills for change and growth
  • Develop succession plans for key role replacement and to support future company growth
  • Support employee engagement in the change process
  • Increase focus on collaboration and business goals reducing internal conflicts
  • Work with CEOs to develop new integrated management structures for merged or acquired companies
  • Facilitate and develop new sales capability
  • Improve ability, quality, and timeliness of making strategic decisions
  • Establish executive agreement, focus and alignment with company objectives
  • Achieve consensus on strategic vision to set foundations for actions plans and personal accountability
  • Improve leadership skills to enhance overall effectiveness for change and growth
  • Improve client relations resulting in new, return and referral business
  • Conduct third-party client/customer satisfaction surveys to identify key opportunities for improvement
  • Align products, services and communications
  • Guide transition of single focus company (i.e. technical or clinical focus) to create and embrace a marketing, customer focused organization.
  • Transform organizational goals and objectives to meaningful, client centered messages.
  • Create competitive advantages through differentiating products and services
  • Help companies adapt to the changing demands of the marketplace
  • Increase professionalism and enhance corporate image to attract higher caliber employees and client prospects
  • Improve management skills through assisting healthcare clinical and technical practitioners to transition into effective department heads
  • Assist employees transition into broader managerial within an organization
  • Support executive transition from a large company to a successful founder of his/her own company
  • Develop an integration strategy for two merging organizations
  • Help Executives create a compelling organizational mission, vision and values
  • Educate the executives on the current state of their organization's climate
  • Help the executive team to build and nurture a strong and positive culture – a talent gravity organization.
  • Staff development and improvement for new knowledge and skills requirements

Samples of our Work

Case Study #1

Situation – Kubica Laforest Gambling Consulting was contacted by a consulting company who specialized in providing product strategy services to the pharmaceutical industry. At that time, the company's revenue was starting to trend downward, after having been flat for the previous three years. The firm had recently completed its own strategic plan to energize growth but failed to execute on those growth strategies. The three partners requested our help with developing an executable strategy, providing implementation support and giving general guidance on sales and marketing initiatives.

Intervention – We engaged the company in a values based strategic planning initiative where we presented what it takes to succeed as a small business – issues and initiatives that must be addressed (i.e., strategy, branding, culture, infrastructure and talent). We introduced the concept of small business “inflection points” (risk points in the business) and what immediate and long term steps to take. A detailed strategy and executable strategy was developed, and we guided the firm through the execution of these strategies.

During the implementation process, we facilitated:

  1. Rebranding the company
  2. Establishing a sales tracking process
  3. New business development strategies
  4. Rebuilding firm infrastructure
    1. Accounting
    2. Financial reporting
    3. Subcontractor agreements
    4. Consulting agreements
  5. Coached them in developing and using a sales process
Results – the Company's sales began to improve quickly and steadily. In the last four years, while working with us, the firm increased its top line revenue by over 100 percent. This improved the company's net income and grew its client base during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Case Study #2

Situation – A Private Equity company introduced us to one of their portfolio companies, an emerging high growth healthcare consulting firm, and asked us to work with the consultant company's executive team to frame and build its company culture. This was important for two reasons: the company was growing fast and it was growing, in part, through acquisition. The Private Equity Company and the consulting company's executive team understood that seeding a culture was critical to their continuing success.

Intervention – We interviewed each member of the executive team to better understand their thoughts on the company's culture, their role, and how they saw the firm developing. We facilitated several work sessions with the executive team around refining who they were (as a company), where they were going (growth priorities) and identifying common values regarding what was most important to them for the company. From this a formal Mission/Purpose, Vision and Values Set was developed and embedded into the company. Approximately six months later we conducted a climate survey with all the employees to establish a baseline understanding of how the employees viewed the company, its leadership, their satisfaction, and levels of engagement around their personal role in the company. We then facilitated several executive sessions where we presented the results from the climate survey and recommendations. The recommendations were targeted to reinforce a positive and performance based culture aligned to its growth strategy. We provided ongoing implementation support and conduct annual climate surveys to serve as their internal gyroscope for growth.

Results – The Company grew top line revenue 100% two years in a row. Talent continues to join the company, and retention has improved. Their positive culture has been commented on in a premier healthcare industry IT blog, and the company was designated by Modern Healthcare as one of the Top100 Best Places to Work in 2012.

Case Study #3

Situation – We were engaged by the owner and president of a wealth management company to help develop a strategy for growth. His objective was to re-energize the company, set a strategic direction and identify priorities that would generate growth and then implement it.

Intervention – We interviewed each member of the firm to better understand his or her impression of the company, its competition, what worked well, what could work better and his or her opinion on the viability of and means for growth. We conducted a multiple day strategy session where we started with what was learned from the group members regarding company attributes, risks, opportunities, challenges and priorities, as a baseline. We identified the growth objectives and what was required to achieve those goals. We utilized a number of processes to discuss, vet and frame out an implementable growth strategy. One of the growth objectives was brand building (more actively influencing brand perceptions). A clear point identified during this process was that the firm needed to understand their customers better, which was a key to ongoing growth. We conducted a customer survey to determine what customers valued most, what could be done differently or better and the overall NPS (net promoter score, reflective of referral, recommendation and loyalty). This information was used in guiding the brand building growth objective.

Results – They identified targeted strategic priorities in their plan and we worked with them providing implementation support. All of the operational improvements were either accomplished or well underway at their six-month follow-up meeting. Additionally, the customer survey results were analyzed and presented to the executive team for review and action, then summarized by the President and sent to all the clients in a follow-up communication, in a Question and Answer type format. The company received positive feedback on their customer survey initiative as an engagement tool by demonstrating listening and responsiveness to their customers, and they have started to sign new clients and grow their business.

Case Study #4

Situation – Partners in a new start up company, providing equine assisted learning (EAL) and equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) services, contacted us for help with defining their partnership roles and relationship building. They also required strategic help for building their brand and sales strategy, and support for their early business growth.

Intervention – Based on the fact that this was a new partnership, and that their business is behavioral heath based, KLC started Parallel Coaching (Tony and Sara coaching together) each partner. Coaching included the gold standard assessment and development tool, the Hogan Assessments Business Personality and Performance Indicator. This tool helps to enable self-awareness and identifies attributes and developmental opportunities that could be used to build upon the partner relationship for the purpose of catalyzing company growth. After independent interpretive sessions, we conducted a team building session with the partners using their Hogan results. Then we worked with them through ongoing coaching and mentoring to identify a strategy initially focused on brand building to present and position their company in the marketplace.

Results – Within 2 years of periodic coaching and entrepreneurial mentoring, which focused on strategy, brand positioning and sales approach, the Company grew and continues to grow top line revenue while also improving bottom line performance. It continues to develop local and regional clients, in addition to adding a large international network (a Fortune 1000 South America affiliate) to its client base.